About Us

D.A. Slayed is a tee shirt company built on the "say it with yo chest" culture that is so beloved in today's society. I make ignorant tee shirts for intellectuals who would rather be the ones "thinking it" and not "saying it".

D.A. Slayed was created on my couch in the middle of an online class replay at 3 a.m. All of the sayings are my own and never ask me why all my tee shirts are black.

To be honest I never thought anything I said would resonate with anyone other than the handful of people I converse with on a daily. It's insane how a tee shirt can be so relatable and bring people together. What is even more unbelievable is the love you get for simply saying what's on your mind and standing by it.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of the shirts featured on this site, DASlayed.com has given me the power to be the philanthropist I've always wanted to be and the freedom to live as I want.

D.A. Slayed is planned to grow into a business lounge wear company geared to the unconventional entrepreneur who quite literally closes deals from the comfort of wherever they choose to be that day.